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Saving Bees Through Technology

The Bee Cube


The goal of the Bee Cube is to fine tune the living conditions of multiple bee colonies in a managed environment through controlling the external and internal factors that can affect bee health.  


We can manage the temperature inside the Bee Cube to maintain the internal environment at an optimum level year-round.  Bees are very good at controlling temperatures inside the hive, but they need help to cope with wild, unexpected extreme weather changes that can kill bees.  The Bee Cube is equipped with an HVAC system that is solar powered and can be controlled remotely by a beekeeper.


The Bee Cube is equipped with other sensors to provide information about humidity, sound levels, CO2 and weight.  Beekeepers will be able to know if their bees are making honey through tracking the weight of the colonies.  Beekeepers will know if a hive is queen right by listening to the sounds that the bees make. Bees will access the Bee Cube from outside, but beekeepers have the option of locking the bees in if pesticide is being applied in the neighboring fields  during moves.  


There is ample room inside the Bee Cube to allow a beekeeper to inspect their hives and change out frames that are full of honey and exchange them with empty frames for more honey.  


We welcome collaboration.  Like an iPhone, the Bee Cube is a platform that experienced beekeepers, scientists, and technology innovators can use to develop ideas that can be deployed inside a Bee Cube to further our goal of saving bees.  


Herman Van Reekum

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