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Beekeeper with Bees

Hive Wrap

We love coming up with new ideas and products for beekeepers.  Our Hive Wraps provide a tough layer of insulation to protect bees in winter.  


Hive Wrap

Made from poly styrene and 3M Construction Tape, our Hive Wraps are made with off-cuts that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  

Easily Installed and Long Lasting

The Hive Wraps can be painted and adapted to suit any hive configuration.  They are simple to install around a hive and will last a lifetime with proper care.  


Conveniently Stored

The Hive Wrap can be folded flat for easy summer storage.  

Customized Bee Equipment 

Do you have an idea for using poly styrene foam in your apiary?  Let us know and we will develop a solution for you.  

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